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The Fahr Group is dedicated to fully understanding your career objectives and identifying new ventures. We recognize your expertise as an authority in your field and your track record of achievement. So, we ask the in-depth questions to get to know you and your strengths.

Candidates in our proprietary searches

Once you become a candidate in one of our proprietary searches, it’s our goal to connect you to the right position.

We develop a confidential relationship, explain the steps and timing of the entire search process, present specific and accurate information about the position prior to the initial interview while ensuring absolute confidentiality and discretion when sharing your information.

Throughout the process, you get our undivided attention.

You enjoy dedicated service

When you call, we answer. We have a reputation for service, and we’re careful to protect it. But we don’t stop there. We check in with you, often. When you talk, we listen. We want to help you make the right decision.

Unlike others, we always find the right opportunity and the perfect match.

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  The Fahr Group Promise

When engaged in our proprietary searches…

  • We apply our expertise to your career interests with a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in each area of the process.

  • And we keep you updated, managing interviews and guiding you with frequent communication throughout the search.

  • As your partner, we acknowledge and accept a higher calling to excellence and integrity. It’s our promise for a productive, rewarding relationship.

  • We remain attentive, caring, and committed to your needs.

  • We’re trustworthy, resourceful, thorough, accessible, personal, and communicative.

Just ask our candidates. They know, first-hand…

Initially, TFG asked me to complete a very thorough questionnaire, which went into great detail about my background and experiences to determine if I was a fit for the role. Also, TFG provided background information on the company and took care of all of the travel arrangements. I felt very prepared going into the first round of meetings.

After the interviews, TFG promptly gave me feedback and we discussed next steps for the subsequent round. Throughout the entire process, TFG proved very professional and answered all of my questions about the company. It was a pleasure to work with TFG, and I would recommend this team to any company needing their experience and talent as well as any colleague looking for a new career opportunity.

— Sales Industry, Senior Vice President

10 Emotions That Are

Undervalued in the Workplace

Summary. In their new book, Move Fast and Fix Things, Frances Frei and Anne Morriss outline five strategies to help leaders tackle their hardest problems and quickly make change. Their fourth strategy is about telling a compelling story about the change you need to make. While change can make a lot of logical sense, it can also be unsettling and disruptive to the people impacted by it. Emotions are an underdiscussed part of change leadership. 

But just as anxiety can be highly infectious — so can optimism. This list explores 10 powerful emotions that you can channel in your storytelling narrative.

We believe that emotions, generally, are underrated at the office. If you’re a woman of a certain age, as we are, then you may have been cautioned against letting something as messy as a feeling accompany you to work. And if you’re a man of a certain age, then you may have been rewarded for what appeared to be the absence of emotion.

These messages have conspired to create a missed opportunity.

In addition to being powerful tools of persuasion and influence, emotions ground us in our humanity — useful when we’re around other humans — and give us important data about our environments. The trick, of course, is to notice our feelings and put them to work without letting them hijack our brain’s control system. To help illustrate this point, below are some of our favorite emotions that are undervalued in the workplace. Not all of them are technically emotions, but you get the idea:

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