PHILADELPHA (March 27, 2024)—Today, President and Chief Executive Officer Karmae Cipriotti Fahr announced the return of The Fahr Group executive search firm in bold array. After exploring other joint ventures, Fahr returned with a splash and embarked on a branding overhaul including a redesigned logo, website and marketing tools. With deep connections in the industry, Fahr hit the ground running by hiring a powerhouse executive team of three industry veterans—Debbie Garland, chief operating officer; Lynn Fraser Schratwieser, chief sales officer; and Kathy Fitzpatrick, chief growth officer. The executive team boasts more than 100 years of experience combined in the executive search and recruitment field.

“We’re on the move at The Fahr Group,” says Karmae Cipriotti Fahr, president and CEO. “We understand that CEOs don’t have time for misfits when seeking top talent. That’s why they call us. We offer an unrivaled promise to fill the search with the best candidate 100% of the time—matching culture and values—all within 90 days. No one else does that.” According to Fahr, unlike The Fahr Group’s 100% fill rate, the average industry rate is 59%. She explains, “We’re client-focused. Unlike most agencies, The Fahr Group does not depend on job boards and databases but becomes intimately involved in a customized approach, creating summaries, building networks and guiding the entire process from first hello to final handshake.” The firm specializes in seeking senior executives from vice president to chief executive.

The Fahr Group, a team of seasoned consultants, provides a premium service uniquely designed to identify and recruit top talent using a proprietary process that ensures a match of culture and values between each and every candidate and client. The Fahr Group completes the search and meets objectives 100% of the time, all within 90 days. No one else does that. The firm provides services nationally to secure high-performing professionals at all senior management levels, from vice president to chief executive. The Fahr Group embraces a remote business model, which increases flexibility and reduces overall costs, ensuring a competitive rate for clients. The executive team is located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and Charleston, S.C. Visit The Fahr Group at and follow us on LinkedIn.
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Karmae Cipriotti Fahr, president and CEO