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We find chief and high-level executives who become the keystone to your progress. Our digitally-driven, economically changing and geopolitically volatile world demands leaders who thrive on managing risk and capitalizing on opportunity.

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We present best-in-class performers every time.  You can depend on our reputation for expertise and integrity.  We deliver on our promise with meticulous precision, so your time and our effort pay dividends in securing top talent for your executive search.

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But that’s not all… we love what we do for you.  And we do it with passion, integrity and excellence. So, you win every time. We make sure of it.

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Unlike other executive recruiters, our specialized  team of seasoned professionals builds a personal network in your industry.

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Our exclusive network of highly qualified professionals trust us, because we promise total satisfaction. And we deliver.


When you call, we answer. Reputation matters. We report regularly and streamline every search. When you talk, we listen.

Because you don’t have time to waste… we do what no one else does.

We get up and running on your industry within the first week and build a network. No one does that.

We purposely do not niche ourselves. We stay nimble and go where we’re needed most. Yes, again, no one does that.

We don’t rely on databases for candidates, we go straight to the market. No one does that, either.

We believe this keeps us apprised of the total economic market and allows us to consult with broader expertise.

Just ask our clients. They know, first-hand…

TFG consultants locate the right candidate. Their step-by-step approach of defining the skill set and understanding the company culture were keys to successful placement. They’re very knowledgeable in their field and attentively manage the full life cycle of the recruitment process. I highly recommend their services.

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High-Performance Decision Making

A New Framework for CEOs

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business, the core tenets of decision-making remain fundamentally unchanged. The CEO stands at the helm, with the weighty responsibility of steering the organization’s direction. This pivotal role demands more than just intuition or traditional managerial insights. It calls for a methodical and forward-thinking framework that optimizes outcomes in our modern, data-driven age.

This collaborative white paper by Chief Executive and Transcend unveils a groundbreaking approach for CEOs to enhance their decision-making prowess. Drawing on rigorous research and real-world case studies, the paper elucidates the nuanced challenges faced by today’s leaders. More importantly, it presents a holistic model that encompasses both strategic foresight and agile responsiveness.

The crux of high-performance decision-making lies not just in making the right calls but in understanding the intricate web of factors that inform those decisions. From harnessing advanced analytics to fostering a culture of continuous learning, the CEO’s toolkit has expanded exponentially. This white paper aims to equip leaders with the knowledge and strategies to navigate this complex terrain.

As businesses grapple with unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the CEO’s role in decision-making becomes even more paramount. By adopting a renewed framework that emphasizes both precision and adaptability, CEOs can drive transformative growth and secure lasting success in their respective industries. Dive into this white paper to explore the contours of this new paradigm and chart a path for decisive leadership in the 21st century.

Download the Full White Paper.

Upholding a Reputation that’s Exceptional:  The Fahr Group, a team of seasoned executive search consultants, provides a premium service uniquely designed to identify and recruit top talent to match the culture and values of each and every client 100% of the time.


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