As a seasoned executive with 20 years of experience, Toni consults with The Fahr Group as its chief marketing officer.


Chief Marketing Officer
Communications Consultant

A seasoned executive with an entrepreneurial spirit—having enjoyed a stint running her own PR/ad agency—and 20 years’ experience working in New York and Philadelphia advertising and public relations firms, Toni consults with The Fahr Group as its chief marketing officer.

With experience across a range of industries, she’s branded new companies, launched new products, developed corporate- and franchise-wide strategic plans, forged corporate partnerships, implemented multi-national multi-media campaigns, hired and managed divisional teams, trained and counseled senior executives, and guided clients through emerging issues and crises.

Having worked with many global companies supporting celebrity brands—Pepsi-Cola, Arm & Hammer, Miss America Organization, Pizza Hut, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, AstraZeneca, American Cancer Society—Toni understands communication as a strategic function to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders.

A proficient writer, Toni tackles all types of projects. With a creative flair and a keen sense for the original, she consistently carves out a strategic position and message for every need. She names new entities, constructs unique marketing campaigns, crafts attention-getting news stories, writes moving opinion papers, drafts compelling speeches and presentations, pens effective development pieces, composes striking ad copy, and writes engaging blogs and web content, among many other things. Having spent decades serving the church in leadership positions, Toni specializes in Christian communications.

Toni earned a doctorate in education leadership while consulting and teaching advertising and public relations to graduate and undergraduate students at Rowan University, Stockton University, Widener University, Temple University, and Saint Joseph’s University.

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TFG’s ability to listen well, ask insightful questions and then follow through systematically — with energy and focus — was impressive.

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Want to Be a Better Leader?

Stop Thinking About Work After Hours.

by Harvard Business Review

Summary. It’s not uncommon for managers to continue thinking about their job, even after the official workday is over. This may involve ruminating about an issue with an employee, trying to think of a solution to a client problem, or creating a mental to-do list for the next day. But new research shows that this tendency may not be beneficial, particularly for people new to a leadership role. In fact, constant rumination leads managers to be more depleted and less able to show up as leaders — something even their employees can pick up on.

Are you a manager who often finds yourself thinking about work late into the night?

Do you tend to continue to stress over work-related problems, or do you switch off your mind and relax in the evening?

If you are like many managers, you may feel a need to stay constantly connected with work, even after formal working hours. Given the high demands of a leadership role, you may perceive that the only way to perform well is to work around the clock. As a result, you find yourself ruminating about an issue with an employee, trying to think of a solution to a client problem, or creating a mental to-do list long after you have left the office for the day or turned off your computer.


Our research, recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that constantly thinking about work may hurt rather than help your performance as a leader. We found that not taking a break from work in the evening backfired for leaders, especially for those new to managerial roles, because it drained their mental resources. Instead, leadership effectiveness was highest on days in which leaders mentally turned off from work the night before and were able to recharge.

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